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With the start of the 4th quarter of 2012 VDC’s Embedded Hardware Practice is kicking off the project to produce the 3rd exciting volume in the FastForward: Insight for Leaders series. We look forward to your participation as we look to profile several dynamic companies that are active in the ecosystem that is driving the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution.

Does your company have an interesting success story that involves some of these elements?

  • Solving problems through M2M connectivity
  • Monetizing data that had been stove-piped in embedded systems
  • Partnerships between your organization and others to provide advanced product packages that involve M2M/IoT
  • Cloud based resources
  • Green initiatives to save and/or generate energy
  • Interesting solutions that involve mobile devices
  • IoT connectivity solutions in Mil/Aero, Medical, Retail, Transportation, and/or Infrastructure related markets

If so, one element of this report will be detailed case studies of interesting IoT solutions as they demonstrate the evolving ecosystem of market participants and the technology and business strategies that are being employed.  This VDC report will be a key platform to showcase your company and your IoT success stories to VDC’s  typical audience of suppliers, investors, and potential customers. Please share your story with us and, if possible, we will include it in the report.

If you are interested in participating by contributing and/or purchasing, the full proposal is included here:

The Internet of Things is fundamentally redrawing the lines that have defined the embedded computing industry for years. Once the domain of specialized, niche-focused technology suppliers, embedded computing is now attracting enormous attention from virtually every major enterprise IT player (as well as a wide range of start-ups), all of whom increasingly recognize the huge business opportunity resulting from the emerging Internet of Things. At the same time that these major new entrants are appearing in the once staid embedded marketplace, established embedded technology vendors are finding themselves increasingly uncertain regarding how to defend their hard-won turf in specialized verticals and applications, as well as how to stake a claim to a part of Internet of Things explosion. For this report we will develop an industry roadmap that projects the future of the IoT vendor ecosystem, with our view on the changing roles of established embedded industry participants, and the role new entrants are likely to play. In addition, the report will identify core capabilities that established players will need to develop in order to be successful and to secure a prominent position in an industry that could look radically different than it does today.

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