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Engineer Experience with More Complex Architectures

Every year VDC conducts an extensive worldwide survey of embedded engineers and their development projects to better understand engineering requirements, preferences, and trends. This information is available from VDC in unique cross tabbed reports to offer readers a detailed, in-depth, view of engineers in the development project trenches.

Quite often we receive requests from suppliers within the embedded software and hardware community around the use of multicore and multiprocessing architectures and embedded engineer experience working with these complex architectures within their development projects. Based on survey responses, engineers continue to expect migration from single processor designs for future projects to multicore or a combination of multiprocessing and multicore architectures.

While the initial uptake of multicore has been slow, VDC has observed a steady increase in the presence of multicore in embedded development projects in recent years. As a result, the level of experience with multicore and/or multiprocessing designs is increasing year over year; however, it varies by the types of applications under development – specifically those whose complex designs necessitate high performance, low power consumption, and a small footprint.

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