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DESIGN West Bulletin – Part 1, Best of Show!

VDC attended the 2012 DESIGN West/Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose from March 27th through March 30th and met with more than 30 companies to discuss product announcements and a variety of industry trends impacting the embedded market today. The conference was abuzz with many of the same topics that dominated embedded world earlier in the month, namely M2M, the Cloud, security, and Android. Be sure to visit theUBM site for complete details and other news items associated with the show.


VDC awards our embedded software best of show "Embeddy" award to GrammaTech for its CodeSonar visualization system, an offering designed to optimize the visual inspection and analysis of software through a sophisticated new interface for viewing the relationships between software program elements. Built to handle very large code bases, we believe this product represents a unique solution that has the ability to materially impact the way developers test and analyze their source code. CodeSonar visualization runs through a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. An early release version was available to customers as of Tuesday, March 27th.


Mosaic Software showed off its Mosaic Qt Developer Suite, which provides Qt application programmers with commonly needed widgets in a user-friendly library API. Among the more intriguing components of this suite is the Mosaic Graph widget, which enables 2D, 3D, and polar graphing of mathematical equations.


Enea officially joined the Linux party with its own Enea Linux offering announced on Tuesday. This represents a bit of a change in strategy for Enea, which had previously supported embedded Linux development through its services arm and reseller agreements with Linux vendors such as TimeSys. Enea Linux – which is intended to target next-generation networking infrastructure equipment – is a Yocto-based distribution available with customized services and support. Enea also launched a range of solutions aimed at enabling real-time characteristics in Linux-based solutions. The company commemorated the event with a very talented dancing penguin in its booth!

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