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VDC Awards Embeddy for Best of Show to Mentor Graphics at ESC San Jose

In case you missed it, VDC announced its Best of Show Embeddy Award live at ESC SV last week in front of a packed house in their keynote theatre. This was actually our seventh annual Embeddy awards for the San Jose show and our second year presenting them live at the conference.

After dozens of meetings over the first days of the conference in which exhibiting companies highlighted their latest and greatest product announcements, we chose to award our Best of Show Embeddy for software to Mentor Graphics. Specifically, we awarded them the Embeddy for their Sourcery System Analyzer product in their Embedded Sourcery CodeBench development environment.

We believer that the System Analyzer product, and others like it, will become increasingly important to embedded software developers going forward. More and more embedded engineering organizations are adopting complex hardware architectures such as multicore processors in order to provide their systems with more computing power. The large issue there is that most engineers have been trained to program software that executes sequentially. Additionally, the majority of existing software assets, which represent significant investments to engineering organizations, are largely designed in this fashion as well.

In order to maximize performance of their applications on these new systems, engineers need to develop software that can be efficiently parsed and then executed in parallel across multiple cores. The System Analyzer product allows engineers to visualize large amounts of data and also correlate the data with specific system behaviors and events, thus lending itself to profiling multicore system performance. In fact, this product actually leverages IP that was originally developed for silicon design itself.

Stay tuned for our complete Embedded Systems Bulletin, which will be published early next week, that highlights all of the vendors we met with at ESC that announced new, innovative products and will name a few more Embeddy award winners as well. 

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