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Q2 2011 Embedded Processor Market Update: Japan Recovers

The March 2011 disaster that unleashed massive destruction across Japan, clearly inflicted an unconscionable toll on the citizens of the world’s third largest economy.  While we monitor the country’s recovery, VDC Research Group also recently assessed the economic impact on the embedded processor supplier community through a series of executive briefings during Q2 2011.

In order to assess the specific impact of this catastrophe, VDC Research Group was briefed by key suppliers across the embedded processor landscape.  The product spectrum includes leading companies that design and develop central processing units (CPUs), graphics processing units (GPUs), field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and microcontroller units (MCUs).  

VDC’s primary objective was to more deeply research and understand the, (a) supply chain impact, (b) manufacturing impact, (c) and the average selling price impact in the second calendar quarter based on the following self-directed impact scale. 

Our research findings suggest that a number of processor suppliers are currently experiencing only minor disruptions from the disaster, while one supplier, in particular, Renesas recently reported to VDC severe disruptions with their product’s supply chain. 

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