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Medical Devices Segment within Multicore Components & Tools Market Expected to Double by 2013

Intensifying graphical and high-definition imaging demands of ultrasound equipment, x-ray systems, and various patient monitoring devices have continued to promote the adoption of multicore processors in medical devices. Furthermore, the increasing mobility requirements of many medical devices have also served to drive interest in multicore due to its ability to satisfy specifications around light weight, low power consumption, and low heat dissipation.

VDC estimates that the commercial market for solutions powering devices in this sector reached nearly $16 million in 2010, a total expected to swell to more than $32 million by the end of the forecast period in 2013. However, because a myriad of these devices require FDA and other relevant certifications – and thus many OEMs remain concerned that the complexities of multicore might impede the certification process – these figures could be influenced (positively or negatively) by the aggressiveness with which OEMs transition to multicore in devices where certifications are required.

This recently completed research covers the global market – including market size and forecast; segmentations by product category, industry, and geographic region; and competitive market share – for software solutions for device/system development incorporating multicore processors, specifically including:

  • Real-time and non real-time operating systems;
  • Software development tools;
  • Software and system modeling tools;
  • Virtualization solutions;
  • Communication/protocol/middleware stacks for multicore systems; and
  • Other related products and services.

This report also includes select data cuts generated from our 2011 Embedded Engineering Survey, which had 870 total respondents.

For further information about VDC’s 2011 Multicore Components & Tools report, please contact Bob Perugini, Account Director, at 508.653.9000 ext. 144, or via email at

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