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5G Edge Infrastructure Market Growing Rapidly Ahead of Standardization

GE Software Powering the Smart Grid

GE Intelligent Platforms this week announced the release of a new suite of optimization software programs designed for use by smart grid utility companies.  The product, known as the Proficy Grid Manager, contains four different management modules, designed for operations, lifecycle, load, and knowledge management.  The goal of the program suite is to reduce power outages, monitor customer loads, and perform other smart grid management functions.   The Microsoft based Proficy Grid Manager can be integrated directly alongside existing utility systems and then provide an additional level of control.

Clearly, the international community is moving towards a more energy efficient future with the development of the smart grid and the embedded technologies that enable it.  VDC believes the embedded technology solutions that companies like GE develop, either directly or through collaborative efforts, will be critical to the realization of more intelligent use and management of energy.

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