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5G Edge Infrastructure Market Growing Rapidly Ahead of Standardization

Engineers' Multicore/ Multiprocessor Experience Improving

VDC has been following the use of multicore processors in the embedded space for a number of years, and as we kick off research for the 2011 edition of our Multicore Components & Tools report, we have been examining some of the data collected from respondents to our end-user surveys. According to survey responses, the percentage of engineers with no multicore or multiprocessing experience dropped by more than 25% from 2010 to 2011. VDC believes this is an indication that the actual adoption of multicore processors in the embedded space is finally beginning to live up to the expectations of software providers.

But what are the factors that are driving engineers’ expanding experience with multiprocessing? Is it the increasing availability/affordability of multicore processors? Advancements in processor technology? The effectiveness of ISVs efforts around educating the engineering community about the use of multicore? The continued maturation of software solutions that enable parallel programming?

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