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Embedded Ecosystems: Mentor Graphics Announces Embedded Hardware Enablement Program

This week, Mentor Graphics announced a new program composed of Mentor Embedded professional services and products designed specifically for hardware companies. The Mentor Hardware Enablement Program is a newly formalized initiative by the Mentor Embedded Division of Mentor Graphics.  The Program's focus is on delivering hardware enablement for silicon and board vendors by an independent embedded ecosystem provider. Ultimately, the Program was developed to provide a range of services and training around embedded Android, Linux, open source tools (GNU, GCC, Eclipse), user interface (UI) creation, and vertical markets, including in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), smart energy, and retail applications.

The Mentor Embedded Hardware Enablement Program includes:

  • Android offerings that comprise the creation, optimization, and maintenance of full-featured Android environments. This includes the creation and maintenance of a public repository and fostering an OEM community around that repository. Android training is also offered to help reduce the time to volume.
  • Linux commercial platform creation for hardware targets, board support package (BSP) creation, optimization, open source community management, platform maintenance, support, training, engineering services, and maintenance.
  • Complete open source toolchain offerings, such as GNU, GCC, Eclipse, and low-level virtual machine (LLVM), to develop code for hardware architecture, such as porting, custom and commercial software development kits (SDKs), optimized performance libraries, advanced analysis tools, and JTAG probes for devices.
  • User interface product and design services to accelerate OEM customers’ development efforts to deliver dynamic 2D, 2.5D and 3D graphics, animation, and special effects for customized products that can be created very quickly.
  • Vertical Platform Services delivering a range of firmware, OS, middleware, application and UI development for existing hardware to support specific vertical market requirements.

In terms of general program availability, The Mentor Embedded Hardware Enablement Program is available on a worldwide basis.  The Mentor Embedded team is actively engaged with opportunities in Europe and Asia, in addition to those in North America.

Due to the wide spectrum of engagements, Mentor's pricing methodology pricing spans a wide range.   Many of the services delivered under the Mentor Embedded Hardware Enablement Program start in the tens of thousands of dollars.  It is noteworthy that most of the engagements are multifaceted and often leverage more than one element of the Mentor Embedded Hardware Enablement Program.

VDC believes the relationships developed through the Mentor Embedded Hardware Enablement Program have the potential to represent some of the most strategic partnerships for Mentor's Embedded business. And, according to Mentor, at any given time there will be a substantial number of qualified professionals from engineering, marketing, business development, and several other functional roles which are supporting the Mentor Embedded Hardware Enablement Program.

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