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Deep Packet Inspection (DPI): Cavium Networks Introduces TurboDPI

On January 10, Cavium Networks announced the introduction of TurboDPI, the industry's first off-the-shelf multi-function security software solution optimized for OCTEON II processors. TurboDPI utilizes Cavium Networks new Uniscan technology that is incorporated in all multi-core OCTEON II processors to simultaneously block malicious or inappropriate URLs, identify hundreds of widely used protocols and applications, help block thousands of different intrusion attempts and locate over a hundred thousand varieties of virus and malware threats, all with just a single scan of the data stream at up to 40Gbps.

Available immediately, Cavium's TurboDPI solution consists of carrier-grade, deep packet inspection software which can be utilized inline or out of band to detect hundreds of protocols, Email, Web 2.0, Multimedia, Peer-to-Peer, and Voice and Messaging. 

While DPI is not a new technology, VDC believes that continual advances in embedded DPI will offer the promise of a more robust and secure global network infrastructure as threat profiles change and increase. It also presents challenges that require comprehensive technical, operational, ethical, and legal consideration by the networking community and DPI stakeholders in general in order for DPI to gain wider acceptance and deliver its full potential.

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