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Advantech and LSI Announce Platform Collaboration to Enable Secure Mobile Applications

On November 16, Advantech and LSI Corporation announced the availability of a new Advantech-branded Packetarium platform powered by the LSI Axxia Communication Processor. The Packetarium NCP-2110 Network Appliance is designed for caching gateways, enterprise routing, unified threat management and radio network controllers, providing enhanced scalability and integrating seamlessly into systems.

Advantech’s Packetarium brand of dedicated networking modules and carriers are available in multiple form factors for both standard and customized platforms and share common design features in order to accelerate system design and maximize hardware and software re-use. The Packetarium product line streamlines integration of x86 and multi core NPU elements along with the latest switching technologies to provide flexible system configurability.

Technically, the NCP-2110 Packetarium system is a 1U rack-mountable design that accommodates two front-loadable network interface cards with one 10GbE Ethernet port each. The throughput capabilities of the dual Axxia Communication Processor board allow OEMs to deliver applications such as enhanced security and in-content aware routing. The NCP-2110 has 20 Gbps of IPSEC throughput and 6 Gbps of deep packet inspection performance for protocol analysis to extend service and network integrity. Additionally, I/O expansion is made possible via a standard PCIe x8 slot, making the Packetarium NCP-2110 an extremely flexible platform for network equipment OEMs requiring a broader range of connectivity options.

According to both companies, the Packetarium NCP-2110 leverages Isis expertise in networking silicon, allowing OEMs to deliver a networking acceleration solution with increased intelligence and faster time to market. The Axxia Communication Processor features four PowerPC cores that deliver packet classification, low latency, advanced traffic management and greater deterministic performance. The Axxia Communication Processor's Virtual Pipeline technology delivers deterministic line rate performance for security processing and deep packet inspection (DPI).

VDC believes the continuous growth of network traffic through this decade will influence many carriers to invest in building out their global networks with secure next-generation technologies. At the platform level, these technologies will be enabled by embedded processors, embedded boards, embedded systems, and software - all integral components of a comprehensive, integrated solution.  Additionally, collaborative efforts (i.e., leveraging intellectual property, and R&D, similar distribution channels, etc.) between industry leaders - such as Advantech and LSI - to produce advanced products and services can create a compelling competitive market advantage.

Prototypes of the Packetarium NCP-2110 are expeced to be available Q1, 2012.

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