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2011 Embedded Engineer Survey Results – Programming languages used to develop software

We received several requests recently for a 2011 update on the types of programming languages engineers are using to develop software. This has been a request that we hear quite frequently from subscribers to the blog.

Every year VDC conducts an extensive worldwide survey of embedded engineers and their development projects to better understand engineering requirements, preferences, and trends. This information is available from VDC in unique cross tabbed reports to offer readers a detailed, in-depth, view of engineers in the development project trenches.

This year’s survey results continue to show C and C++ as the predominant programming languages used to develop software. The year over year data in general shows a decreasing use of C while the use of C++ is increasing. However there are differences within vertical markets for which the product under development is targeted for.  For example, for mobile phone development engineers rely more on Java and C++ while military/aerospace engineers have the highest reported use of Ada and assembly programming languages use.

Last year we received some interesting feedback from readers. Let us know through your feedback how your development project stacks up to survey respondents.

This type of survey data and more will be available from our Track 2, Embedded System Engineering Survey Data series of syndicated reports which are scheduled for publication in August 2011.

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