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Solving the BYOD Challenge Without Managing Devices

by Eric Klein | 01/24/2013

As a long-time industry watcher you've likely seen many acronyms come and go (WAP, ASP, ISDN, etc.) ‒ BYOD is no exception, and will ultimately disappear from our vernacular as well. However, given that we are in the early days of mobile enablement, the trend is sure to impact the modern workplace for years to come, and will pose both an opportunity and a threat for CIOs and IT administrators who will ultimately be supporting an increasingly diverse roster of mobile devices.

While some might argue that the "genie is out of the bottle" and that we are well beyond the point controlling to usage of personally owned devices in the workplace, there very well may be potential for the pendulum swing back toward more centralized IT practices for managing mobile deployments if the ROI garnered from BYOD programs doesn’t materialize. Regardless, the issue will be top of mind this year and next for CIOs as they grapple with device diversity, billing, security, acceptable use policies and more as our mobile workforce continues to grow.

The BYOD trend has a broad range of market participants focused on solutions to capitalize on the opportunity that mobile enablement can bring while mitigating against the risks that comes with personally owned devices being introduced into corporate environments. While there are many viable options that have come to market, one solution category we see gaining traction is enterprise-grade "workspace" or "secure container" solutions that can improve the security and manageability of mobile platforms.

If your organization is grappling with BYOD and in the process of implementing a BYOD strategy, we would welcome your participation in this important upcoming webinar being sponsored by Globo PLC ‒ Solving the BYOD Challenge Without Managing Devices. We will be discussing how CIOs are dealing with the complexity that BYOD programs introduce, as well provide guidance on how your organization can alleviate the pressures associated with the mobile enablement of its growing mobile workforce. Globo will be demonstrating its enterprise-grade mobile solution that is flexible, scalable and designed with BYOD environments in mind.