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Seeking Growth in the MEAP Market; Pyxis Rebrands as Verivo Software

Although Pyxis’ transformation into Verivo Software represents a significant development in the enterprise mobility market, this event underscores a larger transformation we will see play out in the mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) space this year: consolidation.  

Earlier this week, after securing $17 million in a round of funding led by Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Pyxis Mobile advanced the company’s rebranding initiatives with the launch of Verivo Software.   While this move has surprised many industry watchers, CEO Steven Levy reports that these efforts have been in the making for over a year.  Although 2011 was a growth year for MEAP vendors such as Pyxis, it is our view that expectations were not met. Pyxis’ Levy hopes the rebranding efforts will enable the company to enhance its positioning as a market leader in the MEAP segment.  

Beyond a transition from the company’s 13,000 square foot headquarters to a 40,000 square foot space, Verivo states that the new funding will enable the company to:

  • Open new offices in Europe in Asia
  • Develop products to further enable companies to launch better app, faster
  • Explore new partnerships and M&A opportunities
  • Recruit additional software experts
  • Expand its platform and API for third-party developers

From the looks of it, Verivo is on a path to expand its global presence and product offerings.  Levy’s intention to pursue additional M&A’s in coming months is of particular interest.  Pyxis’ strategic partnership with Good Technology in October of last year served to strengthen the company’s platform with enhanced security and mobile device management (MDM).  With customers increasingly look for “one-stop shop” solutions that enable internal management of everything from app development to mobile device management and provisioning, MEAPs who partner effectively will be well positioned for growth.  As discussed in VDC’s 2012 Predictions for Enterprise Mobility Software research note, the growing importance of the channel will see Verivo and other players in the MEAP market seek out strategic partnerships to integrate these point-solutions into more comprehensive software solutions. 

Competitors such as Kony Solutions and Antenna Software aren’t standing still – this past December, Kony announced that its KonyOne platform supported HTML5, we expect Antenna to announce a revamped strategy in Q1 as well …

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