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Mobile Startups on Our Radar

Through the course of our research, we are exposed to some of the best and brightest minds in the mobile industry – many of them part of large, multi-million (or billion) dollar firms.  Occasionally, and more interestingly, we stumble across smaller startups with innovative, disruptive, transformative solutions, and yet have managed to fly under the radar.  Below, we’ve profiled several vendors we have been looking at recently:

buuteeq, Inc.
Started in 2010, buuteeq is looking to transform hotels’ online, mobile, and social marketing methodologies and image. Based around a Digital Marketing System (DMS), buuteeq promises independent hotel operators the opportunity to align their business with modern technologies – and the business opportunities these technologies have to offer.

Tello, Inc.
Founded in 2010 by Joe Beninato, Tello has developed a new, mobile platform to transform how customers currently offer feedback to businesses.  With mobile and social apps, Tello empowers consumers with the ability to comment on their experience or level of service at a particular establishment.  Tello then aggregates, analyzes, and presents these findings to their business customers.

Based out of Paris, France, Kawet developed a mobile enterprise app (MEAP) solution to facilitate cross-platform development of mobile apps.  Although competition in the MEAP market has been heating up, Kawet is unique for its strong backend integration, and integration with mobile application management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM) solutions. 

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