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MDM Still the Hot Topic in Mobile Services - Mformation Acquired

On September 24, Clearklake Capital Group - a 6 year old investment firm - announced its acquisition of substantially all assets of Mformation Technologies.  Mformation Technologies, founded in 1999, has become a key player in today's MDM market.  Clearlake Capital has announced the renaming of the company to Mformation (dropping "Technologies"), but confirmed that the company will retain its current New Jersey headquarters and most of its current management & operations team.  

VDC expects Mformation to use this influx of capital to expand its overall infrastructure and accelerate its initiatives to grow its target market.  Mformation has historically served communications service providers as its primary market - we expect to see Mformation targeting other resellers, systems integrators, or direct implementation opportunities moving forward.  While Mformation has yet to establish itself as a true market leader in the MDM space, we will keep an eye on this interesting player in the market to see how the company utilizes this capital investment.

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