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iOS6 Enhancements for the Enterprise – More by Accident than by Design

Although iOS 6 won't be available to the public until later this fall – as per usual, it will be released with the next generation iPhone – the first beta build was released to developers in conjunction with Apple’s WWDC event earlier this week. As always, Apple’s announcements attracted strong buzz in the consumer markets – few of the 200+ updates, however, translate to support enterprise mobile deployments.  Below, VDC has highlighted the top five enterprise-relevant applications to be updated in iOS6:

1.  Mapping

  • Vector-based map elements for smoother graphics, Turn-by-turn directions, 3D mapping, and live traffic information 
  • Share location 

2.  Shopping

  • Passbook for virtual storage of tickets, loyalty cards, and coupons 
  • Integration with Yelp, OpenTable 

3.  Productivity

  • Support for FaceTime on cellular networks - (Unified Communications)
  • iCloud SDK – storage, sharing of docs 
  • Offline reading of Safari webpages

4.  Security

  • Lost mode enables immediate device lock with a Passcode and a contact number to appear on-screen – Enterprise
  • Manage which applications have permission to access their contact information
  • Guided Access to enable locking of device into a single app  (Education)

5.  Mail

  • Open password-locked documents in mail and pull-to-refresh for messages
  • VIP feature in mail for enhanced organization

Ousting Google’s software, Apple has invested substantial resources to develop more sophisticated mapping and directions technology.  Real-time updates in traffic information, turn-by-turn directions, and location sharing (with other iOS users) will have implications for the transportation industry, public safety organizations, and other field-service companies.  Along with the BYOD devices employed in these industries, many organizations deploy iPads and iPhone for use in-vehicle, when rugged-grade technology is not required.

Apple’s announcements around Passbook and integration with Yelp and OpenTable will have a strong impact in the retail vertical, further driving retail organizations to mobilize their workforce and to take advantage of these new channels to increase brand awareness and demand.  This is also another jab at Google, responding with Passbook to compete against Google Wallet.

The final three areas VDC would like to draw attention to are updates to productivity, security, and Apple’s mail application.  While Apple’s focus remains on the consumer market, these solutions will see support in the average enterprise that allows BYOD devices, as these updates will enhance security capabilities and improve employee productivity.  In all, while these updates are not designed for the enterprise, neither was the iPad…Nonetheless these updates will be appreciated and further amplify the relevance of Apple – and consumer-grade technologies as a whole – in the enterprise.

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