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Inaugural CITE Conference Fosters BYOD Debate & Startup Growth

Having grown accustomed to their role as the gatekeepers to enterprise mobility, IT managers worldwide have been swept off their feet by the disruptive, evolving force of the BYOD (bring your own device) trend.  Last week’s Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise (CITE) event, held in San Francisco, represented the launch of what is expected to be an annual conference hosted by IDG Enterprise.  The CITE conference attracted CEOs, CIOs, and top IT decision-makers worldwide, all eager to share insights and experiences around the consumerization of IT.  

While we’ve yet to see any homerun approaches to managing these evolving trends, the event sparked stimulating discussions around customer on-boarding, mobile device management, mobile OS fragmentation, the import role ‘trust’ must play in all this, and creation of a viable, long-term enterprise mobility strategy capable of adapting to shifts in the world of consumer technologies.  

In a session hosted by the Bank of New York Mellon, infrastructure architect Toni Lalli discussed the process undertaken by his firm as the bank worked to mobilize its 50,000 employee workforce.  With over 50 mobile device management (MDM) companies competing in this highly fragmented market, Lalli offered insight into his firm’s approach to analyzing these vendors, and matching their offerings with the unique needs of the Bank of New York Mellon.   As consumer adoption of innovative technologies continues to advance, and enterprise applications become increasingly practical and effective, VDC expects the managed services market to see impressive growth in coming years.  

In a survey of IT decision makers worldwide, in a range of industries, VDC found the managed mobility services market will likely see the strongest growth in the next 12 – 24 months.  This growth will be fueled not only by established players in the MDM space (e.g. IBM, Oracle), but also mobile startups we are seeing predicate their business model on the BYOD angle, such as Nukona and Enterproid.

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