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A Big Week in Mapping Technology -- Nokia and Oracle to Announce Mapping Deal

According to a recent release by the WSJ , Nokia and Oracle have signed a deal giving Oralce customers access to the location services and mapping technologies developed by Nokia.  This will reportedly be announced at a session during Monday's OracleWorld event in San Francisco.  Given Oracle's clear hold on the enterprise market, this represents a keen break for Nokia as the company expands to target enterprise customers.  

This expansion by Nokia from the consumer space to entering the enterprise market follows current trends we are seeing in all types of technologies.  Largely led by the rapid advances in mobile technologies and BYOD, we are seeing technology first enter the consumer market - then later be adopted into the enterprise.  Mapping capabilities will open new opportunities for a wide array of enterprises, as context-aware computing and advertising becomes a key advantage.   This announcement will also drive a considerable boost in Nokia's public image - especially as this event closely follows the disaster of Apple's iOS6 release mapping tech.  

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