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Situational Awareness and Mobility: What's Next?

In yesterday's webcast, we discussed trends and other high-level findings from our upcoming report on Situational Awareness in military and federal non-military environments. Knowing what is happening around you and the impact of current and future events and actions is critical for maintaining effective military and public safety operations. Utilizing the latest next generation technology to learn, react and adapt to your surroundings is key to achieving Situational Awareness.

But what is next for Situation Awareness? Situational Awareness concepts have the potential to support a wide range of applications beyond current military and advanced public safety solutions.

During this webcast, we discussed our future expectations for the Situational Awareness market. We anticipate Situational Awareness concepts to stretch beyond current military and public safety applications, such as disease surveillance, response and outbreak management. In addition, we highlighted the opportunity for situational awareness requirements to act as a catalyst to integrate a variety of emerging technologies, including:

  • Low-cost sensors
  • Vision systems
  • Virtual augmentation
  • Location services
  • Social networks
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