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Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider Performance Robust in 2010

Following a forgettable 2009 the 2010 market for enterprise mobility solutions recovered with most vendors reporting double digit growth. VDC Research estimates that the overall market will grow by approximately 12-14% in 2010, exceeding our earlier projections by a couple of percentage points. Although the market has been strong in 2010 from a top line perspective and spanned multiple industry sectors and regional markets the overall trends have been uneven and unpredictable. Enterprises remain tentative with their investment decisions as global economic growth remains unremarkable and unemployment high. Consequently the level of price competition as vendors jockey for deals is rampant further eroding already thin margins.

Nevertheless, what remains consistent is the strong fundamentals associated with enterprise mobility investments. Equipping the expanding mobile workforce with the appropriate mobile computing and communication solutions to enable real time decision making is a key requirement for most organizations. Moreover, according to research conducted by VDC Research during 2010, the benefits from well designed and deployed mobile solutions in terms of increased worker productivity, improvements in real time decision making and ultimately improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty continue to be substantial. See below for the average field mobility productivity and workflow benefits end users are realizing according to our most recent research. 

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