Take the Pulse of the IoT Engineering Community

As an IoT solution provider, you have undoubtedly asked the following questions:

  • How do engineers and developers feel about my IoT solution?

  • What technologies are they planning to use next?

  • Which vertical markets hold the most potential for my expansion?

IoT implementation continues to grow at a rapid pace, with engineers reporting close to a 10% jump in 2017. As the market becomes poised for more growth in 2018, VDC can help you assess the IoT solution adoption challenges facing your customers each day – with VDC custom surveys capturing perspectives from IoT engineers, developers, and other key stakeholders.

With extensive reach and expert industry analysis, VDC has an unmatched understanding of the IoT and embedded markets. With over 20 years of cultivated relationships with thousands of IoT and embedded engineers and decision makers, VDC’s custom survey efforts have yielded over 20,000 vetted and regular participants. Our team of analysts, with guidance and direct input from the client, can design a custom survey that addresses critical questions affecting your organization’s revenue potential and ability to win deals.

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