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IBM’s Watson Answers the Question, “What’s the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing?”

by Steve Hoffenberg | 05/24/2016

Prime time television viewers have undoubtedly noticed the slew of recent commercials featuring IBM’s Watson computing platform in conversation with celebrities such as Bob Dylan, Carrie Fisher, Serena Williams, and Stephen King. These ads showcase continuing advances in Watson’s speech capabilities and intelligence applied to various disciplines, which were initially exhibited in Watson’s championship performance on the Jeopardy! game show back in 2011. Read more

AWS IoT Forging Ahead with Long List of New Features

by Roy Murdock | 05/13/2016

The AWS IoT team has been remarkably busy over the past few months. Antony Passemard, Head of Product Management at AWS IoT, sat down with me yesterday to discuss AWS IoT’s latest enhancements. The following list of recently-added capabilities and features paints a clear picture of the pressing issues faced by cloud platform providers and their customers. Read more

AWS IoT Vs. Azure IoT Hub: Whitepaper Download

by Roy Murdock | 05/09/2016

In a recent VDC View that is now available for public download, we compared and contrasted the two recently-launched IoT offerings from Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure: AWS IoT and Azure IoT Hub. Read more

OEMs “Get It”: Realize the Need for Formal Tooling

by Andre Girard | 04/26/2016

The arrival of the Hanover Fair (Hannover Messe) on the calendar encouraged us to reflect back on our recent trip to Germany to attend the Embedded World 2016 Exhibition & Conference. One of the themes the IoT & Embedded Technology practice heard several times in conversations with vendors was how more and more embedded engineering organizations finally “get it.” The awareness to which these conversations refer is the growing realization by OEMs, especially those in safety-critical industries, that commercially provided software and system development tools are necessary investments. Read more

Embedded Linux is All Grown Up

by Roy Murdock | 04/14/2016

Ten years ago, most embedded engineers would not have considered using Linux in any system other than a desktop PC or a web server. How could any respectable developer think of putting a free, open source operating system in charge of a resource-constrained, low-error-tolerance machine? Furthermore, how could one trust that Linux would continue to be supported and developed over the long lifetimes of many embedded devices? Read more

“Hard Problems” the Focus of MIT Connected Things 2016 Conference

by Roy Murdock | 04/12/2016

VDC found itself back in Cambridge at the Connected Things 2016 Conference last Tuesday, organized by the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge. The pragmatic IoT verticals – industrial, medical, and public sector – were a large focus of the conference, with MIT scientists and professors contributing a healthy dollop of academia and high-level thinking as a counterbalance. Senior leaders from IBM, PTC, Ericsson, Analog Devices, New Balance, Air Canada, the cities of New Bedford (MA) and New Haven (CT), and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts were among those who presented or participated in panels throughout the day. Here are a few key takeaways from the conference. Read more

The Greatest Benefit of Arynga Acquisition by Intel’s Wind River

by Steve Hoffenberg | 04/08/2016

Intel’s Wind River subsidiary announced on April 4 that it had acquired Arynga, a provider of software management solutions for secure wireless over-the-air (OTA) updating of software and firmware in the automotive market. See the press release here. (On April 5, Intel also announced the acquisition of Yogitech, which offers functional safety features and IP for semiconductors used in automotive and other safety-critical markets, although we won’t delve into Yogitech in this blog post.) Interestingly, the initial seed funding for Arynga was $250K in 2012 from Qualcomm Labs, the incubation subsidiary of Intel’s chip rival Qualcomm. Read more

Security of Things Hackathon

by Roy Murdock | 03/09/2016

Fresh on the heels of successful adventures in Spain (MWC), Germany (embedded world), and San Francisco (RSA), VDC found itself a bit closer to home last weekend at the MIT-hosted Security of Things conference and hackathon. A wide range of programmers, academics, IT professionals, researchers, engineers, and students gathered in the gleaming glass and steel atrium of the MIT Media Lab in order to talk, eat, joke, learn, and hack. The goal of the event? To promote awareness of common IoT threats, review tools for building more secure, transparent devices, and walk through the (surprisingly simple) process of compromising devices that are used in millions of homes today. Read more

IoT Hot Selling Point, Data Less Relevant to Consumer Electronics Manufacturers

by Roy Murdock | 03/07/2016

Embedded engineers within the consumer electronics industry are excited about the IoT. Why? “Sell more products because they are IoT ready” and “Charge a higher premium for our products” are the two main reasons according to VDC Research’s 2015 engineer survey. Consumer electronics makers want to move more units at a higher price due to the allure and novelty of connected devices. Survey data reveals the perception among engineers that the IoT is a great marketing tool when selling products such as smart watches, fitness trackers, connected TVs, and smart home security systems in the consumer market. Read more

MWC2016 (Part 3): Gateways, Programmable Fabrics, and Servers

by Daniel Mandell | 03/04/2016

Over three days (and several miles of walking), it became apparent to me that Mobile World Congress represents much more than the name implies. Mobility has become an integral part in how much of today’s businesses operate and that notion stretches from sophisticated enterprise infrastructures down to the embedded market. There might not be a name that truly captures the magnitude of the technologies being displayed and launched at this event each year. Read more