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The All All reports RO Blogs Team Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally challenging and changing product development and deployment. Enterprise and engineering organizations are embracing new connectivity-driven services and functionality as the foundation of their next-generation systems’ value-add. However, with that connectivity comes a range of both technical and business challenges for deploying OEMs and enterprises as well as their software and hardware solution providers.

The IoT & Embedded Technologies practice provides insightful analysis of the IoT ecosystem and other enabling technologies. The practice surveys and interacts with thousands of software engineers and product managers at OEMs across all major vertical markets to gain insight into their project requirements, solution selection criteria, preferences, and spending.

VDC’s IoT & embedded technology coverage includes the following:

Arrow IoT Platforms & Services
Arrow IoT & Embedded Software
Arrow Software and System Lifecycle Management Tools
Arrow Embedded Hardware and Platforms
Arrow IoT Security Solutions

Recently Published Reports

Automotive Cybersecurity: Meeting the High-Stakes Challenge

Blockchain & IoT: Turning Robots into Market Agents

Blockchain has evolved from its cryptocurrency roots, making its way into the financial services industry, and more recently, into IoT-related projects. This VDC View details the ways in which blockchain technology is being used for IoT applications...
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IoT Medical Devices & Health Care

The Industrial Internet of Things and Connected Factory

Factories, plants, power plants, processing centers, mills, refineries, oil rigs, and mines are all becoming increasingly connected as industrial organizations look to boost equipment efficiency, cut downtime, and improve...
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Continuous Systems Engineering & DevOps

Voice of the IoT Engineer

This report analyzes key trends that we derive from our annual survey of IoT and embedded engineers, decision-makers, and influencers. We address major themes such as device development, technology adoption trends, vendor ratings, strategies for addressing the IoT, and more.
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Automated Software and Security Testing Tools

IoT Security-as-a-Service

Mirroring a trend in the broader world of software, some embedded and IoT security features and functions are migrating to subscription or usage-based business models to provide security-as-a-service, rather than licensing of security software. In businesses and homes around the...
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