2018 AutoID & Data Capture Research Outline

Research programs can be configured to meet the needs of each client and are comprised of multiple deliverables and value-added services, including the following:

  • VDC Views - Hard-hitting monthly analysis of key trends in the AutoID & Data Capture marketplace.
  • i2 Reports - Deep-dive research reports covering all major market segments within our coverage areas. They include the most important ideas and insights developed by our analyst teams.
  • VDC Connect - Online, searchable research delivery platform that provides clients with anytime, anyplace access to all acquired research.
  • Direct Analyst Access - One-on-one strategy sessions with our renowned analysts who deliver advice and commentary on critical decisions and issues facing your business.
  • Thought Leadership - Content developed specifically for Thought Leadership programs including webcasts, speaking engagements, and white papers to support sales and marketing efforts.
  • Excel Data - Extensive datasets delivered in a user-friendly Excel format.

Download the Research Outline