Enterprise Mobility & the
Connected Worker Report

Mobile Application Lifecycles: Capitalizing on Mobile Application Opportunities

by David Krebs, June 2015

Inside this VDC View:

  • As mobile applications grow in prevalence and strategic importance, mistakes in their design and implementation will further inhibit firms from achieving the ROI benefits they are hoping for. Identified as a top-three challenge, ROI can be maximized by designing applications with end user needs in mind and testing applications to identify errors before they prove costly.

  • Mobile application lifecycle management differs from that used for the PC, with mobile applications having shorter life spans, a narrower margin of error, and a more constrained platform (smaller displays; battery life concerns; connectivity concerns, etc.). As a result, there should be careful adherence to the lifecycle management process to maximize productivity gains and cost savings.

  • Data breaches have become more prevalent and expensive to deal with, and they have the potential to significantly harm brand image and reputation. This has elevated the need to incorporate robust security measures in the mobile application lifecycle.

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