Bots For The Enterprise

by Eric Klein, with David Krebs, December 2017

Bots Offer Big Business Big Automation

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  • Consumer behavior is changing; traction with bots is tangible. Customers are using chat apps to interact with their bank for services such as account activation and checking balances―this behavior is transitioning in the workplace
  • Large enterprise ISVs such as ADP, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP are developing bot UIs for their software systems
  • Natural language is emerging as a preferred interface for interacting with digital services has many implications and opportunities for the field of human-computer interaction (HCI)
  • Enterprises across a diverse range of sectors have started deploying bots to automate internal workflows or business-to-business interactions
  • Messaging platform providers such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft opened their platforms to bot developers in 2016
  • Mobile-first vendors are beginning to introduce customized bot solutions for enterprises across sectors and business functions
  • Organizations must prepare for re-architecting their systems of interaction for bots; implementing chatbots will require a transition from the design of visual layout and interaction mechanisms to designs that are explicitly conversational
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