Enterprise Mobility & the Connected Worker

2022 Enterprise Mobility Predictions

by Rowan Litter, Connor Burt, and James Asselmeyer, with David Krebs, December 2021

Inside This Report
In an age of growing climate concern and government pledges to reduce carbon footprints worldwide, enterprises are taking their own actions to ‘go green.’ Mobile device OEMs are releasing statements that they will recycle more of their products and use recycled materials in the development of future devices. For example, Dell Technologies has said that by 2030, the company plans to recycle/reuse a product for every product it sells and to use recycled materials for half of products man-ufactured. However, according to our research, from a product and service sourcing perspective, sustainability ranks low when compared against other factors. While this is not expected to change substantially in 2022, the inclusion of sustainabil-ity measures on substantial RFPs – spanning hardware manufacturing and service delivery – will become more prominent.