Enterprise Mobility & the Connected Worker Report

The New Retail
BOPIS, Curbside Checkout and Contactless Engagement: How COVID-19 Disrupted the Retail Experience

by Pat Nolan, with David Krebs, September 2021

Inside This Report
This report covers the proliferation of new and modern fulfillment options and business models that retailers have increasingly had to cater to in the wake of pressures from both the rise of e-commerce and the disruption of COVID-19. Customers’ shopping requirements have shifted in favor of more contactless engagement such as buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS), buy online return in-store (BORIS), and curbside pickup since the pandemic began, and this has forced many retailers to adjust their in-store infrastructure with new workforce, physical store space, and frontline mobile technology dynamics and considerations.How will these changes affect the retail experience for both customers and retailers in the long-term?