Enterprise Mobility & the
Connected Worker Report

Forklift Mounted Computers

by Pat Nolan, with David Krebs, May 2019

What questions are addressed?

  • What are the primary market opportunities for forklift VMUs by form factor, operating system and region, and to what extent?

  • How are forklift computing environments changing and what current technology trends and end user requirements reflect that?

  • How are the landscape‚Äôs traditional OEMs, as well as new entrants, addressing their product portfolios to compete in the wake of recent market shifts?

Vendors listed in this report

Advantech-DLoG, Citadel Computer, Datalogic, Gamber-Johnson, Getac, Glacier, Havis, Honeywell, JLT Mobile Computers, Panasonic, RAM Mount, Zebra Technologies (Xplore)

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