Enterprise-Grade Wearables

by Spencer Gisser, with David Krebs, November 2019

What questions are addressed?

  • What are the capabilities and limits of the current generation of wearable hardware?

  • Is wearable technology sufficiently mature to scale? What are the major technical hurdles that still need to be overcome?

  • How do wearable devices drive concrete business benefits in different vertical markets and applications?

  • Which vendors have most thrived and innovated in this challenging environment?

  • What does the future hold for augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology in an enterprise setting?

Vendors listed in this report

Axon, Beijing LLVision Technology, dorsaVi, Ehrhardt + Partner, Epson, Fieldbit, Fusus, Google, Honeywell, HPE, Kopin, Motorola Solutions, Panasonic, PANNIN Technologies, Proceedix, ProGlove, RealWear, Reveal Media, Safety Vision, TaskWatch, TeamViewer, Theatro, ThirdEye, Upskill, Varjo, Visual Labs, Vital Enterprises, Vocera, Vuzix, Wolfcom, Zebra

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