Enterprise Mobility & the
Connected Worker Report

Rugged Handheld Computers and Smartphones for Line-of-Business Applications

by David Krebs, April 2019

Key questions addressed in this report include:

  • What is the outlook for rugged handheld computers and smartphones used for enterprise and government mobility applications?

  • What is the relative opportunity by regional market, industry, and application?

  • What is the outlook for rugged mobile computers and to what extent are they affected and potentially displaced by consumer devices? Does a rugged handheld value tier opportunity exist to bridge the gap between rugged handheld and consumer smartphone devices?

  • With Android supplanting Windows as the dominant OS for rugged handheld computers, what is the installed base of legacy Windows devices and for how long will end users continue to support these devices?

  • How do mobile device requirements align with specific vertical markets and applications?

  • What is the effect of rugged smartphones, and which use cases are best aligned with these devices?

  • What are the primary device functionality requirements by industry?

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