Enterprise Mobility & the
Connected Worker Report

The Global Market for Direct Store Delivery

An In-Depth Analysis of End User Requirements and DSD Solution Providers

by Nick Elia, with David Krebs, October 2017

The report will address the following questions:

  • Why should organizations in the DSD market revisit their OS strategy for ruggedized devices before legacy operating systems stop being supported?

  • How have organizations addressed the “Windows Gap” since the release of Windows 10? How relevant have iOS and Android become in the DSD ecosystem?

  • What is the total revenue breakdown of the DSD market, the total hardware revenue breakdown by device grade and region, and the expected growth for this market through 2021?

  • What progress have we seen in relation to device migration? How have organizations started to transition towards consumer-grade devices for activities like presales and merchandising?

  • What are the current modernization efforts around DSD solutions and what are the expectations for next-generation solutions?

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