IoT & Embedded Technology Report

Will Digital Twin Drive Tangible Success for PTC and Siemens?

by Andre' Girard, with Chris Rommel, February 2018

VDC’s Comparison of Two Leading Digital Twin Providers
From building dinosaur amusement parks to assembling armies for intergalactic battles, the creation of clones is a recurring science fiction theme. But far from being relegated to the latest blockbuster, using technology to replicate things is also among today’s hottest computing trends. Market enthusiasm is high for the potential of digital twin technology – a digital clone or copy of a real product or the environment in which that product operates – to facilitate product improvements, enabling virtual prototyping, and using augmented reality for planning, diagnostics, and service applications. Several major development tool suppliers are now heavily promoting their vision for the digital twin. The digital twin concept combines data from design tools, simulations, sensors, and other instrumentation to validate the characteristics and capabilities of devices and other complex systems. This VDC View takes a closer look at the promise of digital twin vision through an overview of solutions offered by two leading suppliers – PTC and Siemens. The analysis highlights some of the different digital twin approaches and areas of focus that are possible within even relatively comprehensive platforms.


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