The State of the IoT Education

by Roy Murdock, with Steve Hoffenberg, and Chris Rommel, October 2015

Architecting systems and developing solutions for the Internet of Things will require specific technical and business knowledge that schools and companies are beginning to address through a number of programs and ventures. The organizations that are successful in setting up the future leaders of the IoT will be top of mind in important purchasing decisions, and will be more likely to achieve a healthy return on investment down the road. Talented students will flow into technology management and leadership roles due to the quality and availability of relevant coursework and educational options. 

Vendors such as ARM, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and PTC (ThingWorx) are all launching initiatives to help shape the future of IoT education. While many of their strategies and goals are different, we see PTC, Google, and Intel making the most significant and noteworthy investments in the education market. Subsequently, we expect these companies to secure a greater share of the IoT market in a five to ten year time frame as a result of their early efforts in funding and coordinating IoT education and research. 

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