Blockchain & IoT: Turning Robots into Market Agents

by Roy Murdock, with Steve Hoffenberg, and Chris Rommel, June 2016

Blockchain has evolved from its cryptocurrency roots, making its way into the financial services industry, and more recently, into IoT-related projects. This VDC View details the ways in which blockchain technology is being used for IoT applications and provides an analysis of four blockchain-enabled projects: Hyperledger, Ethereum, ADEPT, and Filament. The view also examines the benefits and drawbacks of using blockchain for IoT and concludes with several recommendations for how businesses in the IoT space can stay informed and/or leverage blockchain technologies in their products and technology stacks.

What questions are addressed?

  • What are some of the most popular blockchain-based networks, and why have they gained traction?

  • What blockchain-specific protocols can be used for IoT applications?

  • What strategies can vendors use to take advantage of this new technology?

  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of using blockchain for IoT?

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