IoT & Embedded Technology Report

The Global Market for IoT & Embedded Operating Systems 2020 to 2025

by Rob Shapiro with Chris Rommel, May 2022

Inside This Report
IoT devices and their stream of data are revolutionizing the marketplace and how OEMs approach software services. This report analyzes the emerging trends, use cases, and commercial market for IoT & embedded operating systems, and includes survey data from developers and engineers on topics such as OS usage, security across various project types, and types of cloud services tied to their projects.

Vendors Listed In This Report
Amazon | BlackBerry QNX | Canonical | Concurrent Real-Time | Elektrobit (Continental AG) | Enea | eSOL | Express Logic (Microsoft) | Green Hills Software | Lineo Solutions | Lynx Software | Mentor Graphics (Siemens EDA) | Micrium (Silicon Labs) | Microsoft | MontaVista Software | Red Hat (IBM) | SEGGER | Siemens | SUSE | SYSGO | Timesys | Wind River