IoT & Embedded Technology Report

RISC-V in the Edge & IoT
by Dan Mandell, with Chris Rommel, March 2020

    What questions are addressed?

    • Why is RISC-V finding traction and building momentum within the IoT and embedded market?

    • How will the growth of different RISC-V processor types evolve and impact competition in the future?

    • Who were the market leaders for RISC-V merchant embedded processors in 2019?

    • Where is the RISC-V ISA being adopted more quickly than other geographies?

    • Which industries are driving the most revenues for RISC-V processors?

    • What do engineers and developers value most about embedded processors?

    • What tools do engineers view most important for RISC-V projects?

    • What software vendors are investing the most in the RISC-V ecosystem?

    Vendors Listed in this Report
    Alibaba, Arm, AWS, Cadence, Codasip, GreenWaves Technologies, IAR Systems, Intel, Microsemi (Microchip Technology), NVIDIA, NXP, RISC-V Foundation, SEGGER Microcontroller, SiFive, STMicroelectronics, Syntacore, The Linux Foundation, Western Digital, Wind River

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