IoT & Embedded Technology Report

Containers & Virtualization Solutions for Edge & Embedded Systems

by Rob Shapiro, Steve Hoffenberg, and Chris Rommel, November 2020

Inside this Report
Virtualization adoption in edge & IoT/embedded systems will continue to grow significantly in the coming years, motivated by more software-defined functionality and versatility across infrastructures. Hypervisors help optimize the underlying hardware’s resources and functionality, while containers streamline the distribution process of software, serving as highly valuable solutions in the evolving market for edge & IoT/embedded systems.

Vendors Listed in this Report
Amazon Web Services, BlackBerry QNX, Canonical, Concurrent Real-Time, D2iQ, Elektrobit, ETAS, eSOL, Green Hills Software, Harman (Samsung), Lynx Software, Mentor Graphics (Siemens), Platform9, Prove & Run, Rancher Labs, Real-Time Systems GmbH, Red Hat (IBM), Sierraware, SYSGO, TenAsys, VMware, Wind River,