Functional Safety Development & Test Solutions

by Roy Murdock, with Steve Hoffenberg, and Chris Rommel, November 2019

What questions are addressed?

  • What are the relative sizes of the market for different tools used in safety-certified development – requirements management, software development, software & system modeling, and test tools?

  • How are various organizations, both hardware and software-oriented, addressing this important market?

  • How do tool budgets differ between general purpose and safety-critical projects?

  • Which vendors are best positioned to expand tool sales into the functional safety market?

Vendors Listed in this Report

AdaCore, Ansys, Arm, Dassault Systèmes, GAIO Technology, Green Hills Software, IAR, IBM, LDRA, MathWorks, Mentor Graphics (Siemens), National Instruments, Jama, Parasoft, Perforce, Polarion (Siemens), PTC, Synopsys, Vector Informatik, Wind River

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