IoT & Embedded Technology Report

IoT & Embedded Operating Systems
by Roy Murdock, with Steve Hoffenberg, and Chris Rommel, February 2019

    What questions are addressed?

    • What share of the market do leading vendors make up, and what are their competitive advantages?

    • What has fueled recent mergers, integrations, and acquisitions? What impact will these restructurings have on the market?

    • Where are engineers currently sourcing their operating systems? Where do they expect to source OSs in the future?

    • What are the most important criteria for engineers when making OS selection decisions?

    Vendors Listed in this Report
    Amazon, Arm, BlackBerry QNX, Canonical, Concurrent Real-Time, Enea, eSOL, Express Logic, Google, Green Hills Software, Lineo Solutions, Lynx Software, Mentor Graphics (Siemens), Micrium (Silicon Labs), Microsoft, MontaVista Software, Red Hat, SEGGER, SUSE (Micro Focus), SYSGO (Thales Group), Timesys, Wind River, WITTENSTEIN H.I.S.

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