Hypervisors, Safe & Secure Operating Systems

by Roy Murdock, with Steve Hoffenberg, and Chris Rommel, January 2019

What questions are addressed?

  • How has the use of hypervisor technology in the embedded market changed over the past few years?

  • What is the dynamic between enterprise/IT and embedded virtualization?

  • Which vertical markets and related safety standards are driving OS market growth?

  • How is open source making its way into the hypervisors, safe and secure OS market?

Vendors Listed in this Report

Cog Systems, Concurrent Technologies, DDC-I, eSOL, Green Hills Software, Harman (Red Bend Software), Lynx Software Technologies, Mentor Graphics, QNX (BlackBerry), RTS GmbH (congatec), Star Lab, SYSGO, SierraWare, Wind River, WITTENSTEIN H.I.S.

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