The Global Market for IoT Gateways

by Dan Mandell, with Chris Rommel, December 2017

The Center for Decentralized Device Networks & Edge Computing

What questions are addressed?

  • Who leads the markets for IoT gateway devices and gateway embedded hardware?
  • What are the key areas for differentiation of IoT gateway products?
  • Where are IoT gateways shipping geographically and what is influencing broader adoption?
  • How will demand for intelligent gateways compare with M2M gateways through the next several years?
  • Why are more different players entering the gateways market?
  • Which connectivity technologies will see the greatest uptick in support through 2021 and what are the expectations for supporting new low-power wide-area networks?

Organizations Listed in this Report

Advantech (B+B SmartWorx), Arm, CalAmp, Cisco Systems, congatec, CONTEC, Dell Technologies, Digi International, Eurotech, HARMAN, HPE, Intel, Kontron, Laird, Lantronix, Link Labs, Mentor, MultiTech, NXP, Red Hat, Siemens, Sierra Wireless, Silver Spring Networks, Supermicro

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