Digital Twin, DevOps, and Digital Design Principles for the IoT

by Andre' Girard, with Chris Rommel, January 2018

What questions are addressed?

  • In what ways are engineering teams modifying Agile methods to fit the needs of the embedded market?
  • How does the use of hybrid development practices influence tooling selection?
  • What are the biggest challenges to adopting DevSecOps?
  • How does DevOps adoption differ by market?
  • Which vendors are best positioned to support organizations implementing Digital Twin?
  • What resources will companies utilize to create a Digital Thread?

Vendors Listed in this Report

Amazon (AWS), Atlassian, CA Technologies, Dassault Systèmes, GE, IBM, Jama Software, JetBrains, Mentor Graphics (Siemens), MuleSoft Inc., Polarion (Siemens), PTC (Atego, MKS, ThingWorx, Axeda), QA Systems, Red Hat (3scale), Rogue Wave (Akana), Siemens, SmartBear, Vector Software (Vector Informatik)

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