Deployment Automation & Software Supply Chain Management for the IoT

by Andre' Girard, with Chris Rommel, September 2017

What questions are addressed?

  • Which types of organizations will fuel the next wave of deployment automation and software composition tool revenue growth?
  • In what ways does adoption of Agile and DevOps influence demand for deployment automation solutions?
  • How are lighter weight, but specialized, tools disrupting the deployment automation solution market?
  • Which embedded industries have the best potential for near-term software composition tool revenue growth?
  • Will development organizations adopt software scanning as a service, and, if so, will it be as a complement to or a replacement for software composition analysis tool use?
  • Which qualities are most influential on deployment automation and software composition tool purchasing decisions?
  • Which vendors are best positioned to expand tool sales into the embedded industries?

Vendors Listed in this Report

Black Duck, BMC, CA Technologies (Automic), Electric Cloud, Flexera (Palamida), IBM (UrbanCode), Micro Focus (Serena Software), Rogue Wave, Sonatype, Synopsys (Protecode), WhiteSource, XebiaLabs

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