Automated Software & Security Testing Tools

by Andre' Girard, with Chris Rommel, October 2017

What questions are addressed?

  • How large are the embedded/IoT and enterprise/IT markets for automated test tools?
  • In what ways is the use of open-source software impacting the commercial automated test tool market?
  • What are the leading drivers and inhibitors of security testing tool adoption?
  • Which vendors are best positioned to support the evolving preferences of software development teams?
  • What factors are impacting demand for automated software and security testing tools across the vertical markets?
  • How does the adoption of Agile and DevOps impact demand and preferences for automated software and security testing tools?
  • Which qualities are most influential on purchasing decisions for static analysis and dynamic testing tools?

Vendors Listed in this Report

ANSYS (Esterel), BTC-Embedded Systems AG, CA Technologies (Veracode), Checkmarx, GAIO Technology, GrammaTech, HCL, IAR Systems, IBM, Keynote DeviceAnywhere, LDRA, MathWorks, Micro Focus (HPE), Parasoft Corporation, Perfecto, Programming Research (PRQA), QA Systems, Rogue Wave (Klocwork), SmartBear, Software Development, Technologies, Synopsys, Vector Informatik (Vector Software)

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