Automated Software & Security Testing Tools

by Andre' Girard, with Chris Rommel, December 2016

What questions are addressed?

  • What are the leading commercial test tool adoption drivers and inhibitors?
  • In what ways is the Internet of Things (IoT) driving convergence, and what impact does this have on the test tool market?
  • How large is the market for security testing tools, and how fast is it growing?
  • What factors are impacting demand for automated software and security testing tools across the vertical markets?
  • In what way does competition from low or no-cost alternatives impact the commercial test tool market?
  • Which vendors are best positioned to support the evolving preferences of software development teams?

Vendors Listed in this Report

Adacore, dSPACE, HPE, IBM, GrammaTech, LDRA, MathWorks, Micro Focus, Parasoft, PRQA, QA Systems, Rogue Wave (Klocwork), Serena Software, Synopsys (Coverity), Vector Software, Veracode

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