AutoID & Data Capture Report

Shining the Spotlight on Digimarc

by Richa Gupta, with David Krebs, May 2015

Inside This Report:

  • Banknote counterfeit deterrence was Digimarc’s first large-scale success for its digital watermarking solution.

  • The company is now focused on expanding its presence into the highly opportunistic retail vertical, thereby minimizing losses experienced due to reduced currency circulation.

  • The Digimarc Barcode is built on its patented digital watermarking technology and the company is working to get large retailers, brands, and packagers on board by communicating the potential value propositions associated with this solution.

  • A sharp decline in one of their largest sources of revenue (licenses) has had a significant impact on Digimarc’s financial performance. A bigger challenge for the company is the relative under-penetration of camera-based imagers at the retail POS for facilitating checkout within high-volume environments.

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