AutoID & Data Capture Report

Robotics in Logistics: Solutions Transforming the Warehouse and the Last Mile

by Shahroze Husain, with Richa Gupta, and David Krebs, November 2016

Modern day robotics have broken away from just the manufacturing assembly line and are set to take the warehouse operations and the logistics space by storm. With the increasing need to streamline processes both within and outside the four walls of the warehouse, organizations are looking towards new robotics technologies to support their daily operations. According to a recent study conducted by VDC surveying warehouse organizations, 31% of warehousing respondents reported using/piloting automated connected solutions currently to support daily operations such as smart ASRS systems, robotic picking arms, and AGVs.

Automated robotics solutions as well as drones have emerged as viable investments in optimizing warehouse functionality and supplementing logistics tasks with multiple major retail and logistics companies all around the world having adopted or piloting robotic technologies including notable companies Amazon, Nike, Tesco, Walmart and UPS to name a few. In this VDC View we highlight some of the major robotics solutions including ASRS systems, robotic picking solutions, AGVs and delivery drones overhauling the warehouse and delivery space today and what to expect going forward.

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