ProMat Show 2017 ReView

by Shahroze Husain, with David Krebs, April 2017

VDC recently attended ProMat, the largest technology conference for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America. Taking place from April 3rd – 7th, over 900 exhibitors convened to share the latest innovations in material handling, logistics equipment and technologies from all over the world.

With the boom of e-commerce, rise of e-fulfillment companies, changing consumer habits, and the move towards omnichannel fulfillment, the warehouse and distribution center is increasingly becoming the vital component to the success of many businesses across a number of industries. Organizations today across retail, logistics, pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage are just some of the industries looking for new ways to support their expanding warehouse and logistics operations. They are also occupying facilities nearly three times as large as 15 years ago. According to reports from Cushman & Wakefield, facilities have grown from an average of 65,000 SF prior to 2000 to between 300,000 and 350,000 SF and in some markets as large as 500,000 SF today to support higher volumes of SKUs and requiring items to be transported extended distances.

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